ADHD Doris in Keep Your Cool

Descripción del juego
Control ADHD Doris and earn points in her stressful office cleaning job. Put up with her awful colleagues.
Las reglas del juego
MOVEMENT Doris moves around on her own but you can change her direction by clicking on the arrow buttons at the bottom of the play area. Also you can change direction of the right hand lift on the 1st floor to up or down, by clicking on the lift call button. As Doris' health level drops so does her speed. Replenish her health as detailed below. WORK You earn points by carrying out the cleaning duties in the office. It soon becomes clear that your job is the most important of all as without you, the place would grind to a halt. The objects which you can single left mouse click on are highlighted with a blue star when your mouse pointer passes over them, whilst those that need you to double click have a red star. Clicking on the following objects will help you to carry out your duties and earn points: BROOM - Left click on the broom and click again when over Doris, to get her to go into sweeping mode. Cans etc., dropped by Kevin can be swept down into the basement and the rubbish chute. Left click on Doris again to put the broom back. DUSTER - Use like the broom to wipe away the coffee and coke stains on the glass, made when Kevin drops his cans and cups. BOSS' COFFEE - Get the boss' coffee by clicking on the cup in the machine (which is just a few inches from HIS door) and handing it to him by allowing her to walk past him. If she misses the Boss, you can get rid of the coffee cup by clicking on another object such as the broom or duster. THE RUBBISH BIN - On the first floor there is a large rubbish bin which by double clicking on you can empty for a quick 10 points or use the bin for some other purpose which will become apparent to you if you continue on this path to dismissal. HEALTH & STRESS At the bottom of the screen your health and stress levels are shown as bars. While health slowly drops, stress rises. You can restore your health by left clicking on the cup of water at the water bottle and left clicking again when holding it over Doris. The same can be achieved with the bowl in the basement corn machine (well she is supposed to be a hen!!). You can relieve stress in a number of ways by double clicking on certain objects. The objects which you can double click on are highlighted with a red star when your mouse pointer passes over them. Double clicking on: BOSS & KEVIN POSTERS - takes you to a little game where you can throw sucker tipped darts at pictures of your favourite colleagues. Although you can only move Doris's wing left and right, the up and down arrows also control how far up or down the dart goes when you press "F". Watch your stress level drop as you release the pent up emotions. BASKETBALL HOOP - very similar to the above game except your shooting baskets by hitting the "S" key. Points will only be scored when you get a "basket" i.e. you have to be right on target. Control again is by the arrow keys. OUTSIDE - next to the above game in your basement area is a door to the outside where you can take in a breath of air as your stress level falls. STRESS TIPS - double clicking on the book on the shelf takes you to a list of my stress management tips.
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