Alien Marauder

Descripción del juego
Play from a choice of two alien marauders, Brimstone or virago and battle through multiple levels to find their human informer, Charlie, only to discover a darker secret. Reveal a sci-fi story of two battle- hardened aliens, who fight against the evils of humanity, that wish to use their own planets' advance technology to destroy their kind! Traverse across terrain filled with challenging obstacles with in-depth shooting system that allows strategy and approach to enemies by jumping to higher or lower platforms. Discover a vast array of weapons Handgun, Laser gun, Rifles, Revolver, Grenades, Rocket Launchers, and RPGs
Las reglas del juego
Controls: W = up A = Left S =Down D = Right Space = Jump Left Mouse = Fire and interact Q, E = Cycle Weapons 1-8 = Weapons Selection ESC or "P" = Pause & inventory screen