B.A.G.-Booger Adventure Game

Descripción del juego
Playing with your boogers has never been this much fun! What do I mean? Well, I've played many games over the years, & I can tell you, I've never played a game like my own other than it! NOTE: There are known mouse-click issues in the game. This can be recitified for the most part if I find out certain information, so it might be worked upon in future updates.
Las reglas del juego
1. On the first event, try to click the hand when it's closest to the booger for more points! 2. Next event, try to click what you think is a better answer for more points! Remember, click on the choices with a yellow outline. 3. On the final event, try to click the booger when it's farthest away from the nostrils for more points! ...Try to beat your high score! If you go through all that, there are surprises waiting for you... ...Also, it's virtually impossible to get a score of 65 or 70, but it's programmed in! That's right, I challenge you!
Géneros del juego