Battle Cards

Descripción del juego
Challenge the Sqwishlanders at none other than Battle Cards! Quick and fast is the way to go, see how well you can beat the Sqwishlanders in this battle to the last card!
Las reglas del juego
A deck of 52 cards, excluding jokers, is divided in half by color. The player uses the black cards. The four face-up cards in front of you are your hand. The remaining cards are stacked face-down to the left. Click on the "PLAY" arrow, and the top card of both your stack and your opponent's will be played simultaneously. If you have a card that differs from a center card by only one number (A & K differ by 1 number), drag the card in your hand to the center card and drop it on top. If there are three or less cards in your hand, click on the stack to draw more cards. Check out for more Sqwishy fun!