Descripción del juego
A classic Blackjack card game in which you start with an amount of chips and you try to earn more by defeating the dealer's hand! Have Fun!
Las reglas del juego
It is you against the dealer! Your goal is to get a card total point closer to 21 than the dealer does without passing it.Getting 21 is called Blackjack! Before the cards are dealt, you can bet by clicking on the chip you want.After betting is over, both are dealt 2 cards, yours face up and the dealer's only one face up and the other face down. You have three options: STAND: You stand with the cards you already have allowing the dealer to play his hand. HIT ME: You are dealt one more card. DOUBLE DOWN:You are dealt one more card and your bet is doubled. Your turn ends when you click the STAND button or if you pass 21.Then the dealer's face down card is reveiled, and he plays according to the total card point he has. Tip:Dealer must draw a card if his total card point is 16 or less and cannot draw if it's 17 or more. Winning hands pay double the chips you bet and achieving Blackjack pays triple chips.