Blonde Bombshell Minesweeper

Descripción del juego
Blonde Bombshell. A comedy of intergalactic proportions.
Las reglas del juego
The object of the game is to uncover all squares that DO NOT contain blondes, as they are the dangerous objects in the game. If you click on a square that contains a blonde, it's game over. So, you need to attempt to find all the blondes without clicking on them. To do this, you need to reveal all the empty space in the grid without hitting any blondes. If an uncovered square displays a number, that number represents the number of neighboring mines adjacent to that square (1 - 8). If there are no mines adjacent, the square will be blank. Use these numbers to determine where you think a mine might be located. If you think you know where a blonde is and want to mark it (but not click on it because you'll lose!), press the SPACE bar + click. This will create a flag. If you clear the whole grid correctly, you'll win. And there you have it. Classic Minesweeper. Er, Blondesweeper.
Géneros del juego