Bubble Girl (Wendy)

Descripción del juego
Bubble Girl goes an adventure trough 40 levels, each contains various enemies to defeat. By shooting her power bubbles Wendy stuns her enemies, and then she can kick them away out of the play area and gain score which can later be submitted to the leader board You can revisit past levels that you already played in case that the game is over! Can you make it to viper city and defeat BigBig who want to take over the city?
Las reglas del juego
Guide Bubble Girl (Wendy) trough 40 levels. This is done by defeating all enemies on stage. It is very simple doing so, as you need to stun them with bubbles and when they get stunned, push them out of the play area by letting Wendy to touch them! Each enemy attack a bit different, some can jump, some can shoot, so in case that Wendy got hurt, find a heart to replenish her lost health as well as some power-ups like triple shots.