crazy immortal

Descripción del juego
Click the mouse to bring clouds carrying immortals to enter the shuttle door. Try your best to eat their favourites as much as possible. 点击鼠标召唤云朵载上仙人们进入穿梭门,一路上尽可能的多吃点他们的最爱。
Las reglas del juego
European Aso, Indian Da Tuo, Lao Dan in China and Xiao Bi in Egypt all pass the time of day by calling clouds, and call clouds to help them to reach the shuttle door. The more they eat, the higher the score is . 欧洲阿苏、印度大陀、中国老丹、埃及小毕,他们利用召唤云朵来打发一些无聊时光,召唤云朵协助他们到达穿梭门,吃到东西越多,分数越高。