Cross-Circle-Triangle: Battleground __ RUS __ VKONTAKTE

Descripción del juego
It is like a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game, but with a third player and a bonus system. Yeah, right, I said bonus system, but more about that later. So...It is necessary to build a "line" of 3 signs and not to let your other opponents do the same. For each "line" of signs you get points. The game continues until one of the signs gets 100 points.
Las reglas del juego
After construction of a "line" of signs, the turn does not pass to the opponent, and you have a chance to put one more sign. After construction of a "line" of signs, the signs do not remain on the field, the signs are removed and release the spaces... As well as earning points for the constuction of "lines" of signs, you can earn bonuses: "double the points", "remove a sign", and "put a sign".