Descripción del juego
A retro style shooter that includes 4 diffrent basic-shots, 8 special shots, a story moe with 2 bosses, and an endless mode.
Las reglas del juego
I've made a little tutorial in the beginning, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out though =) Use the ARROW-KEYS to MOVE, A-BUTTON on your keyboard to SHOOT, and the S-BUTTON to cast a STRONG SPELL. In order to cast strong spells you have to pick up gems first. Some gems can be combined, some neutralize each other. There are 4 gems: Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. Here are some tips: The Green, and the Blue-Green S-Button-Spell will heal you, The Red one will make you invulnerable. Using an S-Button spell will make you loose your gems.