Descripción del juego
Just TRY and last 10 minutes!. It's air traffic control on steroids as aircraft arrive and depart requiring fast decisions and split second timing! Drag an aircraft to a new route or climb and descend to avoid collisions with an easy to use interface that will satisfy rookies and veteran controllers alike. Eight maps based on real airspace and five difficulty levels coupled with addictive gameplay means you will always want to try just one more session. Stay Safe!
Las reglas del juego
After selecting your map and difficulty, simply click an aircraft to see it's route - and whether it is an arrival or overflight. Click and drag the aircraft to add route points and the aircraft follows and updates it's route accordingly. Add additional route points for complicated solutions. Authorize departures and work them safely out of your airspace. Keep a watch on the routes and altitudes of ALL your aircraft and avoid separation losses and collisions at all costs. Gain points for better performance and earn badges and high scores as you improve. Tips, Hints and Tutorial IN GAME.