Dino Art Museum

Descripción del juego
In a desperate cry for attention, the City Art Museum has started displaying their pieces of art on the backs of dinosaurs. You get to design a piece of art and control the dinosaur. Unfortunately, the dinosaur has been distracted by some nearby ham. Create the art and race to the ham. As the artist, draw by clicking on the canvas. Select other colors by clicking them. As the dinosaur, race to the ham by alternately pressing A and D Keys. Press Space to jump over the art in your way. Crushing a piece of art will cost the dinosaur one second of precious ham eating time.
Las reglas del juego
In Art Creation, draw by clicking on the canvas. To change colors, click on a color box below the canvas. In Dinosaur Ham Run, alternately press A and D Keys to make the dinosaur run. Hit Space to jump over pieces of art that get in your way. Crushing art costs a second penalty.