Dodge Stuff

Descripción del juego
Life on a construction site is hard. When it gets windy lot's of stuff comes falling down. I'm afraid your hard hat isn't enough to protect you, dodge that stuff! Dodge Stuff is a fast-paced and very accessible avoider game. It sets itself apart from avoider games with its (optional) webcam functionality and power-ups. The game saves your high-score so you can come back later to have another go at it.
Las reglas del juego
Use the Arrow or W,A and D keys to move around and the space bar to activate a power-up once you've got one. Some power-ups require you to use the mouse. Try to avoid the falling bricks and tools. Stay alive for as long as possible, your score increases over time. Some power-ups add extra points to your score. Getting hit by a brick or tools subtracts 400 points from your score.