Drive You Mad

Descripción del juego
'Drive You Mad' is a revolutionary car game! you need to drive 2 cars in 2 opposite directions simultaneously, as the 2 roads get increasingly more populated. 'Drive You Mad' has more than 30 levels! It's enjoyable, challenging, addictive game!
Las reglas del juego
The Rules: Drive two cars simultaneously in two opposite directions. Survive as long as possible. Drive the red car using the arrow keys. Drive the blue car using W, A, S, D. But be careful: The blue car’s right is your left, its up is your down! The longer you last, the higher your score. Survive a difficulty level, and you are granted an extra life. The Levels: The game has 3 stages. Each stage has ten levels. You must survive each level for 60 seconds. EASY: The red car is on the right. The blue car is on the left. The roads grow more and more populated with each level. Survive all 10 levels. HARD: Play the same 10 levels. But the red car and blue car switch places! The red car is on the left, the blue is on the right. MINDWIPE: Play the same 10 levels. But now the 2 cars switch sides every 10 seconds! Survive all 30 levels to reach the last one. Level 31 is played in Mindwipe mode, with the road populated to the max. It is played indefinitely, with no stops. How long can you last?