Elementas Online

Descripción del juego
Elementas is a Puzzle Fighting game. Bubble Girl must fight enemies in different stages either by shooting them, or by fighting them using a puzzle grid of elements.
Las reglas del juego
Each element in the game has it's own weakness to other element... Fire has weakness to Water, Water to Grass, and Grass to Fire. Elements are sealed in blocks which the player must press with Ctrl, to cause a chain reaction. This done by pressing right to a block with a weakness. Therefore, Make sure that a block of fire, for example, is placed near a block of water, Then click the block of water to activate a chain raction. The larger the chain, the greater the damage done to foes. Heart Cubes are there to replanish life, Grant more life, by a bigger chain reaction. To get yourself in a puzzle fight against a monster, make sure you collide with her on the map. While you are on the Map, use arrow keys to navigate Bubble Girl, while Ctrl is used to shoot monsters and bosses with Bubbles.