Escape the Anus

Descripción del juego
You are Lemmiwinks, the class Gerbil at South Park Elementary School. Because of Mr. Garrison, you have been "injected" into his companion, Mr. Slave. Where were you injected? I think that is quite obvious. Now you must escape. Good luck Lemmiwinks.
Las reglas del juego
Use the arrows or W, A, S, D keys on your keyboard to move. Press P to pause the game or run over a help blip to bring up this page. You can run over the blips for power ups. Power ups can be good or bad. To undo all negative power ups, run over the "Reset" blips. Avoid hitting the walls and objects else you will have to restart the level without your power ups. Run over the finish line to get to the next level.
Géneros del juego