European Jigsaw

Descripción del juego
A jigsaw puzzle of the 49 countries that make up the continent of Europe. Drag and drop the countries into place, learning where they are in relation to each other along with their flag and basic information about each.
Las reglas del juego
Click the Play or Play Advanced Version button to start. The main screen is a blank map with continent of Europe shown in orange and the outside of Europe in grey and green. The green areas are sometimes referred to as Europe but they are not strictly part of the continent. Some countries, for example Russia, have only part of their country in Europe, so only that part is shown in the game. In Play mode, the borders of the countries are shown making it a little easier. In Advanced Mode the country borders are not shown and you win more points for each correct answer. On the left of the map is an area where each country is placed as a jigsaw piece. Using you mouse, left click on the piece and drag it to where you think it should go on the orange part of the map, then release the left mouse button. Above each jigsaw piece is shown the name of that country, its flag and the name of its capital city. If you are correct in placing the country to within a few pixels, you will hear a bleep and 100 points will be added to your score. If you are not correct, then when you release the left mouse button, the country will return to the left side and you will lose some points. You can then try again. If you decide you want to try to place a country after you have added some others, you can click the Pass button without loss of points. This is particularly useful for very small countries like Malta. At the end of the game you have the option to play again or claim your certificate by choosing one of two buttons that will appear.
Géneros del juego