Fly Over

Descripción del juego
Flyover is a flight simulation reconnaissance game. The objective is to fly over the targets, controlling the plane with the a and d keys, and take a picture (p key), avoiding the hazards and return the drone plane back to the landing strip.
Las reglas del juego
The objective of FlyOver is to do a recon mission over the terrain shown, flying over the points of interest (the star symbols) and taking a picture (p key). The plane is controlled with a (left) or d (right). The closer the plane gets to the star, more points are awarded with a maximum of 20. Only 6 photos may be taken per flight, so they must not be wasted if the player wants to maximize his score. The mission will terminate by either running out of fuel, or flying into a mountain (darkest spots). The objective is to land the plane on the middle of the runway, and then that flight will be over with a bonus of up to 100 points for returning the plane safely. The complete game consists of 4 flights, each with a different map of terrain. Note the first two maps are easier, the last two harder.