Descripción del juego
A new, hugely addictive word game where you make new words by using two or more letters of the previous word. Rack up points in one player high score mode, or trump your friends with your knowledge in multi-player mode.
Las reglas del juego
Use the letters from the end of the last word, in the same order, to start a new word. For example, if the last word is “Fuse”, you could use the “se” to make “Sew” or the “use” to make “Useful”. The more letters you take from the previous word, the more points you get. Type the new word into the “Next word” box. Press 'Enter' or click the 'Play!' button to submit your word. Rules: You must use minimum two letters from the end of the previous word. Plurals and words ending in ‘-ly’ are not allowed. You may not repeat words that have already been used. You must use letters from the word in the “Last word” box.