History of War: Romans

Descripción del juego
Roman themed RTS wargame. 12 themed missions (some set at night) with RPG storyline. Become a Roman General and defend Rome from the Barbarian invaders. Features ranged and melee combat, unit upgrades, artillery pieces, a 2 player mode and 3 difficulty levels. The game contains a large number of unit types for each side such as swordsmen, spearmen, horsemen, axemen, bowmen, centurions and legionnaires to name a few. Units fight each other in compelling melee fights. Artillery pieces can also be fielded to provide fire support to troops. The game features detailed graphics and sound. Torches and campfires burn and flicker in the night levels and distant mountains and hills are visible in the background. The landscape is littered with objects such as trees and buildings and provides context for each of the mission settings. Before each mission, an interactive briefing reveals the unfolding storyline which is set in the heart of Roman Europe.
Las reglas del juego
Keys: “W” and “S” to change row. “A” and “D” to change unit type. “space” to field a unit. “E” to field a Scorpio artillery piece. 2nd Player Keys “I” and “K” to change row. “J” and “L” to change unit type. “return” to field a unit.