Jack In A Golden Trap

Descripción del juego
In the times of Gold Rush Jack was one of the gold miners. He found so much gold that he was ready to go back home and live a wealthy life. Unfortunately, he met a bad gnom, who wanted all his treasure for himself. Sneaky gnom trapped poor Jack in a gold mine. Now, Jack has to escape as fast as he can buying upgrades from the gnom. Key features: - colorful launch game with interesting story - lots of upgrades - many achievements to win and statistics to check - nice music and sound effects.
Las reglas del juego
- use mouse to control the game, move left/right for steering, - click left mouse button to launch, - click and hold to use rocket engine, - collect jewellery, gold and treasure chests, - avoid falling stones, gnomes and dust, - send Jack back home as fast as you can to compete for the highscores.