Jennifer Rose: Flirting Fashionista

Descripción del juego
It is not a simple dress up game, it is a new great exclusive mix of dressing up, hidden objects and romantic flirting game where you are going to help Jenny with her clothes which she has to choose for her dates. Find the best dresses and outfits according to the date place and find the hidden accessories in the room to get more scores. On a date Jenny will flirt with her boyfriend, so be careful while flirting, you will loose one life if somebody around notices you. You can replay every level to choose more suitable and related clothes for each date.
Las reglas del juego
Each level consicts of 3 stages: Stage 1: Dressing Up: Dress up Jenny in suitable clothes for each dating place. - Drag and drop clothes to try on. Stage 2: Hidden Objects: Find different hidden things which Jenny needs on dating. - Click the item to pick up. Stage 3: Flirting: Flirt with the boyfriend during the date while nobody is looking at you. - Click the couple to start flirting, release the mouse to stop.