Keyboard ActionHero

Descripción del juego
Featuring ActionHero, the superhero made of magical cleaning fluid in a tube. Defeat filthiness by cleaning dirty keyboards while learning keyboard-character placement. Features include: Co-op friendly! Defeat dirt and filth with your keyboard character placement memorization skills (phew!)!, Face three vicious enemies with different strategies to defeat them, Catch the floating health powerups to restore health, Open stages means freedom to take on the Dirtiest keyboard in the world!, Random dirt and enemy generation for maximum replayability!, ActionClean, ActionStomp, ActionJump your way to a more score!.
Las reglas del juego
Moving = Arrow keys move ActionHero, ActionClean = type the keys ActionHero is on top of to clean dirt ActionJump = double tap left or right arrow keys ActionStomp = land on a ladybug or lizard