Lazer Maze

Descripción del juego
Lazer Maze is a puzzle game for 1 or 2 players. Each player controls a generator that shoots periodically. The players have to buy blocks which alter the shots flight or modify it in other ways, and reroute it into the opponents generator.
Las reglas del juego
In the tutorial missions (which I strongly advice to play first and read the instructions), follow the missions instructions. In skirmish or two-player games, destroy the opponents generator. The main aim of the game is to destroy the opponents generator, by having shots from your generator hit it. To do so, you must reroute your shots into the opponents generator. You do so buy purchasing blocks from a list that keeps changing, and place those blocks near your generator or near already placed blocks. Depending on the type of block you placed, your shots will travel through it, get larger, smaller, split and so on. Energy is gained automatically, by destroying blocks, or by having your own shots hit your own generator. Energy is spent by purchasing blocks or rotating blocks. Controls are as follows: Player 1: - Mouse Player 2: - Number keys 1 to 5: purchase block 1 to 5 - Arrow keys: movement - Q: rotate a block - E: delete a block - Space: place a block