Magical Mayhem

Descripción del juego
Travel throughout a massive pixel world in an epic magical platformer while collecting upgrades, powerups, items, and gems on your quest to retrieve the ultimate prize: the sword in the stone! Get in-game achievements, slay various enemies, and retrieve countless items in this action-packed platforming game!
Las reglas del juego
‘WASD’ Keys to move player ‘Space’ Key to jump ‘F’ Key to perform an action ‘Q’ and ‘E’ Keys to switch between spells Number Keys ‘1’ to ‘5’ to jump to spells ‘Mouse’ to aim ‘Left Mouse Button’ to shoot Spell Types: ‘Fire’ – Basic-slow shot ‘Ice’ – Powerful rapid-fire shot ‘Acid’ – Slow shooting, but shotgun-like shot ‘Lightning’ – Super powerful sniper-like ranged shot