Maze Stopper

Descripción del juego
Lookout! The little man wants to steal your flag. Be the Maze Stopper in this online game and keep him from it for as long as you can. Click and hold your mouse button to create obstacles. Press the space bar to freeze the action. When the screen is frozen, you can delete old obstacles and place new ones. You'll have to use sneaky tricks and advance planning skills to advance to the most difficult level of Maze Stopper.
Las reglas del juego
Keep the man away from the flag for as long as you can. Click or hold the left mouse button to create obstacles. You can't block the passage to the flag for the man. Press SPACE to freeze/unfreeze time. You can place obstacles during time freeze. During time freeze you can delete accidently placed obstacles by clicking the red X on top of the obstacle. Once you unfreeze the time, you can't remove any of the already placed obstacles anymore.
Géneros del juego