Mini Market Tycoon

Descripción del juego
Play as owner of Mini Market! You need to growing up your business on 100 days. Beware! dont make your money zero, because you'll be bankrupt! Go make your mini market bigger and bigger As the owner. You need to manage your Mini Market. You need to order what item you'll add on your store, you need to set how much price of the items, you need to upgrade your store to raise your mini market's popularity and make more people's coming to your store, etc. Come on! make people go shopping in your own Mini Market! Only on Mini Market Tycoon.
Las reglas del juego
Just use your mouse to do anything. Secret Character On certain days, you'll find secret character. Which is can raise your poppularity. The character is: 1. Ratman 2. Micko Jacko 3. Mr. Green Pee 4. Optima Promo