5 Card Solitaire

Descripción del juego
5 Card Solitaire is a fast-paced card game where you need to create the best poker hands. Use the Golden cards wisely, but watch out for the frozen cards and the bombs, or your game might end way too soon! Will you be able to catch all the wanted criminals?
Las reglas del juego
Select five cards that are connected by clicking them. Deselect a card by clicking it again. Use the submit button when you have created your hand. On each level you have a target of a number of polar bears you need to save before time runs out. Every polar bear you send into a door adds to your save count and losing a polar bears to the ocean deducts from your count. If you reach the target you will progress to the next level. Snowflake cards will freeze if you do not use them. Thaw them by creating hands next to them. Bombs must be removed before they count down to zero. Golden cards will give you bonus points!