Puzzle Paints

Descripción del juego
Puzzle Paints is a traditional sliding puzzle with the added feature to save the completed images to your harddrive as wallpaper images. The game contains an 'easy' and 'hard' game mode. The 'hard' game mode allows you to save larger size images if you can solve the puzzle.
Las reglas del juego
Jigsaw Mode: Click 2 tiles consecutively. Those tiles will switch places. Slide Mode: Click a tile next to the open space. That tile will slide into the open space. Goal: Rearrange the tiles until you reassembled the image. Image Download: Press the desired size button ("XX x YY"). Wait for the game to get the image from the server. When prompted press the text that says 'click here'. The image will be saved to your harddrive.
Géneros del juego