Red-One Recycle

Descripción del juego
I must recycle all bottles in my city, it is my duty, but there is one slight problem: The red one aliens invaded and are after everyone who try to recycle the bottles... They just need it for their destructive project in order to take over viper-city! I must collect every bottle on each stage and throw it to the recycle bin where the red-one aliens cannot be able to place their claws on... And if I am percise enough with my throws I could defend myself against the aliens as well!
Las reglas del juego
Use arrow keys to move and collect all bottles on screen, Then you have to throw them to the recycle bins, doing this is by charging the throw with ctrl, and then release the key to throw the bottle to the bin. You can destroy the aliens as well when you hit them with bottles. Note that you can only hold up to 6 bottles in most of the levels and note as well that aliens may keep coming after you hit them