Shape Inlay

Descripción del juego
Keep your eyes open because all of these shapes need a slot to fit in! In this game there will be a random polygon in the middle of the screen and on the bottom of the screen several little tiles will appear and it is your job to drag and place these tiles inside of the polygon. To help place and make the tiles fit you can use the space bar to rotate the tile. Fun fact: The bigger the tile the higher score you will earn. Also you can discard a tile by dragging it to the who. BE AWARE though that points WILL be deducted. Make sure to move quick because if you are too slow the tiles will compile at the bottom of the screen and you will lose.
Las reglas del juego
Use the tiles at the bottom of the screen to fill up the shape. Drag tiles onto the rotate buttons as needed then to a point on the shape. Tap the 'D' screen button to drop them. You lose when the tiles fill up the conveyor. You can discard a tile by dropping it into the hole.