Ski Chase

Descripción del juego
In this very fun and exciting skiing game, you must collect gold, open gates and avoid getting hit by your enemies.
Las reglas del juego
Hit all the red dots on the mountain to open the gate. If you fail, it will be game over. Collect as many gold coins as possible. Avoid to get hit by the helicopters bombs. Avoid to hit the trees. A heart give you 25 lives and 100 points. Each gold piece is worth 100 points. Each time you get hit by a bomb from the helicopter you loose lives and each time you hit a tree you loose lives too. Use the left and upper arrow key to go straight left. Use the right and upper arrow key to go straight right. Use the left arrow key only, to go left downhill. Use the right arrow key only, to go right downhill. Use the upper key only, to decrease speed. Use the down arrow key only to increase speed.