String Chaos 2

Descripción del juego
String Chaos 2 is a puzzle game, featuring achievements, a highscore list as well as a dozen different worlds (such as volcano world, ocean floor or swamp) each with their different rules. To solve a level, you have to drag and drop marbles connected by strings around. Once no strings cross each other (turn green) the level is completed. The faster you are, the higher your score.
Las reglas del juego
Click on start and enter a name if you desire. If you enter a name, your score will be saved after each completed level, and your rank calculated. Simply drag and drop the marbles around. If a string connecting two marbles are red, it means that it is crossing another string. If it is green, it means that it's fine. Once all strings are green, you solved the level. Every three levels the world changes, and each world has it's own rules described in the game. Also, each level has an optional achievement you can complete for a bonus score.