The Cross Adventure Plus

Descripción del juego
The Cross Adventure Plus is the fusion and interaction of maze and adventure game, I like to call it a double maze. There is the "body" (blue ball) and "the Cross" (mouse pointer). The "body" will follow "the cross", you can read all instructions in the tutorial room of the game. There is a highscore system where you can submit your score. There are a lot of different rooms, each one with an unique way to pass through, some places that you can't go you will be able to go after getting an item. If you want quit and continue playing after a while you can save the game in each rooms. Try to beat other players that already set a highscore!
Las reglas del juego
Use the mouse to move "the cross" (the "Body" will follow), Z use item 1, Space use item 2, X make the ball run faster. To get around laser beams, move your mouse around it and back to the path so the body will walk through the laser.