Through the wars v1.0

Descripción del juego
This is a horizontal clearance version of the action game, characters all across different games, director of ability is different, as long as the use of a key input instruction can play luxuriant stunlock, make the game player can fully experience the excitement of the game. This also reproduce the classic arcade game, let everyone nostalgia and novel. Classic arcade games such as: Annals of the Three Kingdoms, star, Cadillacs and dinosaurs, at the same time we will also add some homemade scenes and characters to play! Please pay attention to our game update! The current version is V1.0, thank you support!
Las reglas del juego
game player 1 - > 【W 】 move to the up 【S 】move to the down 【A 】 move to the left ( double-click to run) 【D】 move to the right ( double-click to run) 【J 】attack 【K 】jump 【U 】special attacks ( when the energy value is sufficient in any attack mode ) 【I】 Nirvana game player 2- > 【↑】【↓】【←】【→】【V】【B】【Z】【X】details such as game player1! Italy: game player 2, the game before the change key after the game! In game menu click ' options ' to change the game corresponding operating button!